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Sonoma County Waste Management Agency

Municipal composting

Steaming Composting piles

Recyclable yard debris:

Fruit and peelings

Vegetables and peelings

Pasta and rice & Bread


Tea bags, Coffee grounds & filter

Wood ashes (cold)

Paper plates & napkins (non-coated) used in food service

Landscape prunings

Grass clippings, leaves & weeds

Tree trunks & branches (maximum 4 inches in diameter by 2 feet long)

Prohibited with recyclable yard debris:


Plastic bags, including compostable plastics

Poison oak, cactus, palm fronds, pampas grass or bamboo

Cooking oil & liquid waste

Sudden Oak Death infested material

Dirt or rocks


Animal waste

BBQ ashes

Tree stumps


Municipal composting program operations

Where to drop off green waste?

Drop-off recyclable yard debris and comingled food scraps at the Annapolis, Guerneville, Healdsburg, and Sonoma Transfer Stations. Please note: wood waste, yard debris, and food waste are not accepted at the Central Disposal Site. You may consider using alternative sites such as Global Materials Recovery Services at 3899 Santa Rosa Ave., Santa Rosa 707-586-6666, and the Redwood Landfill Compost Site at 8950 Redwood Highway, Novato 415-892-2851.

What are the fees for dropping off green waste?

Visit Fee Schedule for all County Refuse Disposal Sites.

What happens to my green waste?

Sonoma Compost Company closed October 15, 2015. The yard debris collected from County Refuse Disposal sites and from weekly pick up of residential curbside green waste now gets transferred from the Central Disposal Site and other transfer stations to composting facilities located outside Sonoma County. Currently, these three composting facilities are Napa Recycling and Composting Facility, Redwood Landfill and Cold Creek Compost

Will the municipal composting program ever return to Sonoma County?

The Agency is working on development of a permanent facility to allow composting, including wood waste processing,  to return to Sonoma County for the long term. For details about the necessity to close Sonoma County’s Municipal Composting Facility, see News release May 22, 2015, Federal Lawsuit Leads to Closure of Sonoma County’s Municipal Composting Facility

For more information about green waste accepted at County Refuse Disposal Sites:

Sonoma County Waste Management Agency Eco-Desk
(707) 565-3375

See Search disposal sites

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