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Sonoma County Waste Management Agency

Central Disposal Site Overview

Central Disposal Site tipping building

Central Disposal Site
500 Mecham Road
Petaluma, CA 94952

CLOSED Sundays
Monday-Saturday 7-3, (707) 795-1693
Recycling & reuse
Monday-Saturday 7-2:30, (707) 795-3660
Household Toxics Facility (Building #5)
Thursday-Saturday 7:30-2:30, (707) 795-2025

Download a .pdf fact sheet About Central Disposal Site (PDF: 60 KB)

Sonoma County’s Central Disposal Site features a full spectrum of waste management programs to serve the 494,285 residents and thousands of businesses in Sonoma County.

The Central Disposal Site integrates reuse & recycling, household hazardous waste management services, yard debris and wood waste, solid waste disposal, along with production of electrical energy from landfill gas in a coordinated system at a single location.

Reuse & recycling center

Free drop-off for reusable items (such as building materials and other items) is offered. The site also offers free drop-off for bottles, cans, plastic containers, rigid plastics, glass and scrap metal. Read more »

Municipal composting

Please note: due to construction at the Central Disposal Site capacity is extremely limited and is subject to unavailability without warning. Customers must be prepared to hand-unload their materials into bins. Please call Republic Services at 707-795-1693 prior to visiting that site or consider using alternative sites such as Global Materials Recovery Services at 3899 Santa Rosa Ave., Santa Rosa 707-586-6666, and the Redwood Landfill Compost Site at 8950 Redwood Highway, Novato 415-892-2851.

Yard debris and food waste. Read more »

Wood Waste Processing

Drop-off recyclable wood for processing. Read more »

Landfill gas power plant

Methane gas from decomposing garbage is captured to generate electricity at an on-site power plant. Read more »

Household Toxics Facility

The Household Toxics Facility is open every week for free drop-off of toxics from Sonoma County residents and businesses. Read more »

Tipping building

Dispose of what’s left at the tipping building. Disposal fees apply. Read more »

Sonoma County Waste Management Agency ● 2300 County Center Drive, Suite B-100 ● Santa Rosa, CA 95403