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Holiday Gifts

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Holiday giftHere are a few ideas and suggestions on how to have a wonderful, gift giving holiday season and still be earth friendly.

Not sure what to get someone? How about a gift certificate? That way, you know the gift will be kept.

Make gifts. Everyone appreciates a home cooked meal or baked goodies.

Consider nonmaterial gifts. Tickets to a sporting event, movie, play, or concert are a real treat! Or make a charitable donation in someone's name.

When you go shopping, bring your own reusable bag.

Think durable! Consider how long an item will last before you make a purchase. Often, a cheaper item will wear out long before its more durable equivalent.

Creative wrapping paper substitutes include used blueprint paper, the Sunday comics, or even the sports section for a sports enthusiast. Design your own wrapping paper using paper shopping bags: decorate them with paints, crayons, or markers or let the kids do the designing.

If you use traditional gift wrapping or send holiday cards, always buy recycled content.

Make gift tags from last year's holiday cards.

Shipping a gift? Reuse the foam peanuts from another package, or use unbuttered popcorn for packing. If you accumulate too many peanuts for your use, many local packaging stores will accept peanuts and bubble wrap.

Remember to recycle all non-reusable wrapping paper with your curbside paper recycling (only foil backed and plastic wrapping paper can’t be recycled.)

If you plan on purchasing a cut Christmas tree, consider a green tree as flocked trees cannot be recycled.

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