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Sonoma County Waste Management Agency

Motor Oil/Filter Drop-off

Resources for used oil & filter recycling

Recycling Guide Used Oil & Filter Drop-off Location pages (PDF: 139 kB)
Reciclaje de aceite usado y filtros (PDF: 146 kB)

How to use oil collection centers:

Place your motor oil in a sealable container. Make sure the oil is not mixed with any other fluids. Some businesses offer a 40¢ per gallon rebate for used motor oil.

  • Collection centers typically accept no more than 5 gallons of used motor oil and 2 filters at one time.
  • One or two oil filters are usually accepted for free, though some locations charge up to $3.
  • Antifreeze fees range from $1.50 to $3/gallon. Visit collection centers during business hours.

recycle used oil and filters 

Are you a do-it-yourself oil changer?

Do you change your own motor oil? A 10¢ tax is charged for each quart of motor oil sold in California. You can redeem this money by taking your motor oil to a California Certified used oil collection center.


Find a Drop-off Location

Visit collection centers during business hours. Leaving oil or any other substance after hours is illegal, punishable by imprisonment or a fine up to $10,000.

At no additional cost for residential garbage company customers, most jurisdictions conveniently offer curbside motor oil and filter collection.

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